Together we can build the future our families need and deserve.


Together we can build the future our families need and deserve.


My top priority remains equitable and appropriate school funding to reverse decades of disinvestment. Our state Constitution requires that we provide a quality public education.

• For the first time since Prop A passed in 1994, I was proud to vote for equitable per pupil funding at a historic level. I will continue to advocate for increased levels of funding, record revenues or otherwise.
• I also introduced HB 5039, an appropriations bill to fund accurate broadband mapping in the state of Michigan so we can ensure everyone has access to the internet.
• I continue to support actions, such as my bill HB 5510, that will support teacher recruitment and retention so that Michigan can return to being a leader in education.
• I will continue to make efforts to ensure our schools are safe havens for our students: determining what the schools’ needs are and fighting for common sense gun laws.


Even before COVID19, Michigan’s economy was in a fragile state. We need to take decisive action now to protect jobs, address the worker shortage, and pave the way for future job growth. The actions I have I have taken and ideas we will work toward include:

• Co-sponsored legislation to repeal Right to Work and restore Prevailing Wage
• Introduced HB 4583 as part of the Labor Package to protect workers.
• Voted for establishment of the SOAR Fund, which provides incentives for businesses to invest in Michigan.
• Investing in partnerships between union training centers and public school career education programs to train the next generation of workers
• Supporting small businesses, the heart and soul of our community, in accessing COVID19 support to recover and then build back
• Rebuilding our infrastructure in partnership with labor unions to ensure the economic viability of our communities


Michigan made national headlines over the failure to protect our water. But the water crisis isn’t limited to Flint. We need to address the downstream impacts of our crumbling infrastructure. The actions I have taken and the work I will continue includes:

• Introduced HB 5330 which creates a fund for local government to access for infrastructure needs related to climate change as well as requires a climate action plan.
• Introduced the expansion of the Bottle Bill, HB 4331, to include all beverage containers other than dairy. Also provides for universal recycling.
• Introduced HB 5721 which would allow schools to use their Sinking Funds to purchase EV school buses as well as the infrastructure needed to support them.
• Collaborate with leaders across the state to address PFAS contamination
• Promote renewable energy projects in our community
• Protect our most important resource - the Great Lakes- through an expanded trust fund

Equality for All

Every single issue impacting the state must be met with a higher value on equality for all residents, regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexuality. Our majority Republican legislature has had many chances to lead on equality — but failed. Now is the time to make sure the law is expanded to protect every member of our community. As your Representative, I co-sponsored HB 4297, the expansion of the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act. We should:

• Expand the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act
• Support local governments in increasing affordable housing availability
• Invest in training and mental healthcare services for front-line responders


Healthcare is very expensive in our country, leaving many families in difficult situations when emergencies arise. In the aftermath of a global pandemic, many people are suffering with mental health issues, with too few providers in our state to provide the care our families need, this is a direct result of many decades of disinvestment in public health. As your Representative, I serve on the Health Policy Committee, which allows me to help impact the healthcare bills moving through the House. The actions I have taken and those I will advocate for include:

• Introduced HB 5970 of the Opioid Recovery Settlement package to bring $800 million in opioid recovery resources to the State of Michigan and local governments. The Senate versions of the bills became law.
• Introduced HR 0171, a Resolution to declare October Breast Cancer Awareness month.
• Committed to expanding mental health resources across the state by investing state funding and expanding provider incentives.
• Continuing to work to provide affordable and accessible healthcare for all Michiganders.
• Pass statewide expanded access to paid sick leave
• Move us toward a healthcare system that is not-for-profit

Reproductive Rights

The Supreme Court recently reversed 50 years of reproductive healthcare rights by reversing the Roe v. Wade decision from 1973. I consider bodily autonomy a human right and abortion as healthcare. In fact, I once needed an abortion so that I could begin cancer treatment, the fact that it was legal and accessible saved my life. I will not stop fighting until the right to bodily autonomy is protected in the state of Michigan.

• Repeal pre-1973 laws restricting access to comprehensive care
• Ensure that healthcare decisions can be made between a person and their doctor, without political involvement
• Increase access to FDA-approved contraception